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Riser Usage Optimization

DNV GL Class Rules

As of January 2018, DNV GL released their revised rule set for offshore units, DNVGL-RU-OU-0300 *. A major change has been done to the riser re-certification schemes available for rigs with DRILL notation. Prior to this change rig owners were obligated to re-certify their drilling risers every 5 year, strictly calendar based. Today, a completely new scheme is available enabling rig owners to re-certify based on actual riser usage, in other words wet days. The formalization of this new scheme is a game changer for the riser service business.

* Disclaimer: Always refer to DNV GL website to obtain latest versions of rules and regulations.

Real Time Riser Monitoring

The new DNV GL inspection scheme requires rig owners to have an automated realtime monitoring of risers that tracks time in water and time in storage.

This is where Vinterfjords technology comes in.

Vinterfjord have developed a state of the art computer vision tracking system, utilizing existing infrastructure and data already available onboard. There is no need for adding new electrical equipment on the drill floor, no need for mounting electronics, sensors or tags on your risers. Simply connect the Vinterfjord RiserFlow server to the video data stream, and let the algorithms do the hard work of recognizing each riser element. Furthermore, the tracking results are stored in a web based system allowing realtime data to be transferred and viewed at any location and on any device.

Key Features

Fully auditable

Verifiable by any third party.

Riser Usage

Complete riser usage history.

No new hardware

No new electronics on drill floor, no RFID.

Easy Retrofit

Quick retrofit on any drilling vessel.

OEM Independant

Use on any riser from any vendor.

Out of the way

No crew interaction required.

Vinterfjord RiserFlow ®

  • The RiserFlow system enables realtime access to tracking data on all your rigs.
  • The system provides strict user access control to assure that changes to the system is only performed by authorized personell.
  • The system enables rig owners to provide access to relevant documentation for each riser to external parties in a safe manner.
  • DNV GL and other, can be given access to the system enabling an efficient and simple re-certification process for all parties involved.
  • Data security and backup is maintained constantly by using a master-master database replication scheme, allowing data to be replicated on multiple locations and devices across continents without any disruption.
  • Complete offline mode for when you rig is not connected to the Internet. When re-connection is established all data is transferred and synchronized automatically

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